Moyer Sports Complex

The City of Salem-built Moyer Sports Complex is the home of the Roanoke softball team. The field is about one mile from campus and in the early 1990s cost $10 million to build. The Complex has been the home of the Maroons softball team since its inception in 1997. The complex is not only home to the Maroons, but also to the NCAA Division II and III Softball Regional and National Tournaments. Recently, the facility has also hosted the Big East and Big South conference tournaments. The Maroons do benefit from the facility also hosting the ODAC Championship tournament as well.

Roanoke softball has won all eight of their league titles in the facility. The team has also hosted three NCAA Regional tournaments and played in the 2000 NCAA championship series at Moyer. The Moyer Sports Complex features four regulation-size softball fields, all of which are lit for play at night. The Maroons have posted a 241-66 record while playing at home since the start of the program in 1997. Moyer has seen some fantastic Roanoke softball teams come through including the 20-0 undefeated home record season in 2000 and when the softball team compiled a 21-2 record in 2006 at home.

Most recently the Moyer Sports Complex was the host of the 2012 NCAA DIII Softball World Series where the Maroons finished in fourth place in the nation while playing in this tournament. This team shocked the DIII softball world by only playing with twelve girls throughout the season and were dubbed the “dirty dozen.”