Donald J. Kerr Stadium

In the fall of 2006, the Roanoke College facilities took another giant step forward, with the addition of Donald J Kerr Stadium. Kerr Stadium is home to the men’s and women’s soccer, field hockey, and the men’s and women’s lacrosse programs. While it has seating for 1,400 fans, Kerr Stadium also features field turf and lights for the best synthetic surface available. The lights are on six days per week until 10:00 pm, providing intercollegiate, intramural, club and recreational opportunities for all Roanoke College students.

With lights available, practices along with the fields on the Elizabeth Campus, the outdoor teams can be more flexible. Kerr Stadium is the new host for the NCAA Division II & III Women’s Lacrosse Championships. In only three years of existence, the field has been the host of 13 ODAC Tournament games, including three ODAC Championship and five NCAA Tournament games.

The men’s lacrosse and women’s lacrosse teams have used Donald J. Kerr Stadium for nine seasons since their first season on the turf in spring of 2007. The men’s lacrosse team has compiled a 78-21 record at the stadium and has also captured four ODAC Championships (07, 10, 11, and 13) on the turf. Kerr Stadium has also been home to various NCAA first and second round matches from the lacrosse team’s NCAA berth. The women’s lacrosse team has also seen much success on the turf and has achieved a record of 54-23 while playing at Kerr Stadium. They captured an ODAC Championship there in 2009 and have also played in various NCAA first and second round matches at the stadium.

The field hockey, and men’s and women’s soccer team have had the privilege to play at Kerr stadium for the past eight seasons since their first season playing on the turf in the fall of 2007. The field hockey team has won 17 games while playing on the turf, and women’s soccer team has achieved a record of 51-26-6 since playing its first game there.

The men’s soccer team has also had excellent success at Kerr Stadium and has compiled a record of 58-16-8 at home since 2007. Perhaps one of the most dramatic contests that Donald J. Kerr Stadium has witnessed was the 2012 ODAC Championship where Roanoke picked up the victory against Virginia Wesleyan. A.J. Tierce headed a ball in with just 59 seconds remaining in the second overtime period to help the Maroons capture their ninth ODAC Championship.