Roanoke Places 131 Student-Athletes on ODAC All-Academic Team

Roanoke Places 131 Student-Athletes on ODAC All-Academic Team

Salem, Va. – Roanoke College placed 131 student-athletes on the 2015-16 Old Dominion Athletic Conference (ODAC) All-Academic Team.

RC had the seventh most athletes on the team among the 17 member schools and was just one of two schools in the top-seven that do not sponsor football. As a whole, the ODAC's 14 full-time and three associate members combined to put a record 1,846 student-athletes on the list.

Eligibility for the ODAC All-Academic Team is open to any student-athlete that competes in a conference-sponsored sport, regardless of academic class.  He or she must achieve at least a 3.25 grade point average for the year to be considered for an ODAC All-Academic Award.

Below is a list of RC's All-Academic Team Members

Timothy Aldinger Men's Lacrossse
Arielle Allam Field Hockey
Dannielle Allen Field Hockey
Caitlin Ashley Women's Track & Field / Cross Country
Taylor Asimakopoulos Softball
Jillian Barnard Women's Soccer
Ashley Barnes Women's Soccer
Melissa Bauerle Women's Track & Field / Cross Country
Caroline Beahm Women's Basketball
Dionys Beck Men's Soccer
William Black Baseball
Emma Blair Women's Lacrosse
Caitlin Blankenship Women's Lacrosse
Jessica Block Volleyball
Emma Boris Women's Lacrosse
Megan Boyles Women's Track & Field / Cross Country
Hannah Bridges Women's Cross Country
Elle Burbank Softball
Anna Carter Women's Soccer / Women's Basketball
Sara Celec Women's Soccer
Katherine Clements Women's Lacrosse
Mackenzie Connolly Women's Lacrosse
Patrick Daum Men's Soccer
Nora DeBoer Women's Track & Field / Cross Country
Elaine Decker Women's Lacrosse
Megan Diehl Field Hockey
Kaitlyn Diskerud Women's Tennis
Savannah Dorn Women's Lacrosse
Olivia Earls Volleyball
Cameron Eck Baseball
Kevin Elliott Men's Track & Field / Cross Country
Kirstin Figel Women's Soccer
John Fitchett Men's Basketball
Matthew Franklin Baseball
Julia Galanto Women's Lacrosse
Laura Garbarini Women's Soccer
Josephine Geskes Field Hockey
Justin Ginnings Men's Track & Field / Cross Country
Arabella Goralski Women's Tennis
Emma Graybill Field Hockey
Abigail Guarino Women's Soccer
Colin Hancock Golf
Zachary Harrell Men's Basketball
Makenzie Haymaker Women's Lacrosse
Ryan Hepburn Men's Soccer
Abigail Hobby Women's Soccer
Bridget Holleran Women's Basketball
Anna Holley Women's Track & Field
Shelbi Holloman Field Hockey
Jack Howard Baseball
Orestis Ilias Men's Soccer
Kevin Jackson Men's Lacrossse
Alexis Janney Women's Track & Field
Kellie Jasinski Field Hockey
Daniel Johnson Golf
SierraLynn Johnson Women's Soccer
Lucas Jones Men's Track & Field
Reid Kaminski Men's Lacrossse
Tracy Kile Women's Tennis
Richard Kiley Baseball
Janett Kinney Women's Track & Field
Elizabeth Knudsen Women's Track & Field
Linnea Kremer Women's Soccer
Sarah Kroneberger Women's Lacrosse
James Kuzma Men's Lacrossse
Catherine Lee Women's Tennis
Robert Lentine Men's Soccer
William Linkenhoker Men's Soccer
Brynn MacDougall Women's Track & Field
Lucas Martin Men's Soccer
Julia McCracken Women's Soccer
Erin McGovern Women's Track & Field
Haylee McGuire Women's Track & Field / Cross Country
Colleen McMahon Field Hockey
Frederick McNair Men's Soccer
Emily McQueen Field Hockey
Tyler McWilliams Men's Lacrossse
Jordan Meador Softball
Melanie Meadows Women's Track & Field
Jared Mercadante Men's Lacrossse
Joseph Miller Men's Basketball
Hayden Miller Men's Lacrossse
Eason Myers Men's Soccer
William Newman Men's Lacrossse
Lucas Nowlin Baseball
Lauren O'Brien Women's Soccer
Paige Olausen Women's Track & Field
Caroline Peterson Field Hockey
William Pilat Men's Lacrossse
McKenna Polak Women's Lacrosse
Benjamin Pullen Men's Soccer
Samuel Rauf Men's Soccer
Kyle Reilly Men's Lacrossse
Harrison Richards Baseball
Charles Riehl Men's Lacrossse
Jose Robertson Lugo Men's Soccer
Katrina Romano Softball
Joseph Russell Men's Lacrossse
Emily Salsberry Softball
Taylor Sayegh Women's Soccer
Ashley Scoyni Women's Soccer
Timothy Shay Men's Track & Field
Cole Sinclair Men's Soccer
Cameron Smith Men's Basketball
Katherine Smith Softball
Kelsey Smith Women's Basketball
Victoria Smith Women's Lacrosse
Joseph Statler Men's Track & Field / Cross Country
Kaylin Stenson Field Hockey
Ross Strickland Baseball
Laura Sullivan Women's Soccer
Nicholas Tadros Men's Soccer
Kestrel Thorne-Kaunelis Field Hockey
Cole Thornton Men's Soccer
Harrison Toney Men's Track & Field / Cross Country
Nathalie Torres Women's Soccer
Jordan Visser Women's Lacrosse
Teresa Wagner Softball
Reed Walter Women's Lacrosse
Margot Warner Women's Track & Field / Cross Country
Rebecca Wenger Softball
Benjamin West Baseball
Allison White Volleyball
John Wiggins Men's Track & Field / Cross Country
Kelly Wood Field Hockey
Carter Wright Men's Basketball
Nicholas Wright Men's Track & Field / Cross Country
Allison Yeaw Women's Basketball
Courtney Yoke Women's Soccer
Christen Zammit Volleyball
Nicole Zelnik Women's Lacrosse